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  • Alada soap
  • Made in Thailand
  • Your genitals, masticas, bronze stains, neck, throat, boggles are black
  • Removing face and body will remove them in 3 days. One of the famous bhana of the world. Aladdin soap is a
  • Popular soap, this soap promotes acne, meats and so on
  • To remove pimples. Also polishing your skin and so on
  • Moisturizing works well. ALADA soapy on your skin
  • Looks bright / white and smooth and looks young.
  • Aladdin soap is made of 100% natural ingredients:
  • Carambola Nano
  • White ginger
  • Synthetic Collagen IV
  • Algae
  • Use Benefits –
  • -Face and body will be fair.
  • -Therefore, remove black from black, and turn it round.
  • Get rid of the mesta.
  • -It will remove any black stains.
  • After removing the stain, remove the spots that are spotted.
  • Remove neck and armpit stains
  • -The skin is cleansed from the first day of use.
  • -Clear any stains on the body.
  • -Throw the neck and neck stains.
  • -The power is twinkling and bright.
  • – Made from natural ingredients and frutts.
  • -One and removes bacteria.
  • – Remove the scars from the heart.
  • Anti-acne and anti-hyperpigmentation on the skin
  • Vitamin and minerals which are beneficial to the skin.
  • Both boys and girls can use it
  • More about the soap when checked on Youtube or Google
  • You will find some reviews.
  • How to use
  • During your bathing every day your whole
  • Use it in the body. Apply on wet skin then
  • Wash after 2 to 5 minutes.
  • It can be used on your skin 3 times a day.
  • It changes the brightness of your skin in just 3 days.aa
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৳ 549.00৳ 849.00

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