OLIVA Small Cream for Breast Tissue Tightening and Whitening

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Can adjust internal secretion, provide extra elasticity helps to reduce the excessive large shape and size, its just like a miracle. Control adequate collagen, water and lactogen hormone inside the breast provides a nice tiny and attractive shape and size. Helps to dicrise melanin accumulation inhance skin metabolism, dessolove aged keratonin adjust prolacting hormone, provide natural soft smooth breast.

Origin: Pakistani

Wet: 60g

Every woman wants beautiful breasts. If that breast is smaller than age or body, or extra large, or the sap of the breast is damaged and the breast is sagging, then it is inappropriate to look at oneself.

Made with natural ingredients (olive oil, almond oil, peanut oil, mineral oil, vitamins). Romney’s breast consciousness is made up of a combination of many rare ingredients with the necessary effort. The use of which will make your breasts beautiful and incomparable just as you want.

Nowadays most women understand the importance of breasts. All girls want their breasts to be attractive. Many women have unconscious breasts and they are looking for rules to beautify their breasts or they are already using many methods but they have not got any results. It has been brought for them.

Oliva herbal formula breast cream for breast tissue tightening, it will adjust the shape of the breasts + tight, small & lift up) and enlarge the small breasts, make a beautiful sep.

Instructions on massage:

Step 1: Massage Oliva small cream on all four sides of the breast.

Step 2: Bend the body slightly downwards and place both hands on the base of the breast, pushing upwards 10 times.

Step 3: Push 10 times in each step from the left.

Step 4: Pull the chest lingam several times with the middle finger and ring finger, it is helpful for breast and augmentation energy.

Note: Check the skin behind your ears before use. If you feel sick, please stop using it. For external use, keep the product in a cool place and away from children. Due to the differences between the different monitors, the actual color of the image may not reflect the image.

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